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About us


With a sense of mission about physiotherapy.

Lukas and Anna are the creators and physiotherapists of RehaThink. Physiotherapy is our calling, which we do from the heart. RehaThink was inspired by our studies at Charles University in Prague. These studies not only provided a wealth of clinical knowledge and practical skills, but also changed the view on physiotherapy. In the studies, great emphasis was placed on the ability to combine knowledge from different basic disciplines of medicine and physiotherapy, i.e. anatomy, physiology, neurology, biomechanics, kinesiology.

Our driving force is curiosity. Curiosity to understand more and do better.


Continue to improve our courses by inviting highly regarded teachers and providing quality continuing education training for physiotherapists.


Lukáš Kasala

Anna Kasalová


Everything works together!

Professor Karl Levits has said: “He who only treats the pain site is“ missing. ”It is important to understand the relationship between muscles from the perspective of kinesiology, biomechanics and neurophysiology.


Friendly atmosphere

It is important for us that the training has a friendly and positive atmosphere. Therefore, we create small training groups to have enough time for questions, practical techniques for "grinding" together with the teacher and discussions.


in your education and hands

If you want to be a demanded and knowledgeable specialist, you need to invest in your education. Physiotherapists are fortunate enough to always discover something new about physiotherapy.


The big advantage of the courses is that the physiotherapist does not need specific equipment or inventory. 

Physiotherapy is one of the most requested study programs. And not in vain! Physiotherapy is the field of the future. More and more people are suffering from musculoskeletal pain. This is due to the modern sedentary lifestyle, poor ergonomics at work, stress, etc. RehaThink's mission is to provide quality and up-to-date training for physiotherapists. No less important goal is to promote public awareness of physiotherapy and its possibilities.


 Anna Kasalova

During high school, I was more interested in the humanities as history, literature, and politics. However, I have always been interested in movement, health. I started watching the last high school classes in the field of medicine and physiotherapy. Initially, I wanted to study medicine, but I realized that I wanted to work with patients physically, being with doctors for a longer period of time than given to doctors. What I value most in my work is the sense of meaning when I see a job done or a goal achieved with a patient. Physiotherapy is very different and colorful, each patient is different, even one diagnosis can have different scenarios. For me, physiotherapy is the most beautiful profession - we have the opportunity to change or at least improve a person's quality of life.

Lukáš Kasala

In short - a physiotherapist in the soul and heart. With a sense of mission FOR PHYSIOTHERAPY and a huge respect TO PHYSIOTHERAPY.

Instructor of manual therapy courses, "Global Trigger Therapy", "Visceral Manual Therapy". Works in a clinic and private practice, works with professional athletes.


We work together


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