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Continuing Professional Education Courses

We organize a wide range of training, which forms a unified and interconnected set of knowledge and skills. "RehaThink" has developed a cycle of 6 basic courses called "RehaThink Physio Skills", which is specifically designed to provide a comprehensive approach to patient assessment and therapy. We also organized special courses with the participation of guest lecturers.

The course is led by professional instructors with rich experience in physiotherapy. The courses place great emphasis on a complex approach based on clinical and scientific grounds in physiotherapy. Discover the magic of physiotherapy with us!

Integrated and unique approach 

 "RehaThink physio skills"

Our goal is a to provide comprehensive and integrated approach to patient assessment and therapy. The basic course cycle includes manual therapy courses; soft tissue techniques, visceral therapy techniques.

Upcoming courses

For detailed information about the course, please select the courses you are interested in.

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