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Professional continuing education for physiotherapists

Good physiotherapy practice based on an integrated and evidence-based approach!


We offer a wide range of training that forms comprehensive set of knowledge and skills to provide a complex approach to patient assessment and therapy.


 The courses emphasize an integrated approach to physiotherapy based on clinical and scientific evidence.


The webinars are focused on supplementing theoretical knowledge. We believe that physiotherapy is a practical profession, therefore we leave practical techniques for face-to-face training.

Webinars are designed to provide a better and deeper understanding of various physiotherapy topics.

Why attend our courses



Good physiotherapy practice based on an integrated and evidence-based approach!


Integrated Approach

One of our motto is a complex and integrated view of physiotherapy. A good physiotherapist must know and be able to combine knowledge from different fields of medicine - functional anatomy, physiology, oral medicine, neurology, orthopedics, traumatology and others.



Proven knowledges

The knowledge and skills required for good physiotherapy practice are based on clinical and scientific evidence.


Professionalism and individual approach

All RehaThink instructors have a master's or doctoral degree in physiotherapy with many years of experience in physiotherapy. We can be proud that our guest lecturers are recognized lecturers at Charles University in Prague and industry experts in their country.


Together with the lecturers, we analyze and continuously improve the courses so that the subject matter is logical and easy to understand.


Quality, quality, quality. This can only be provided on an individual basis, so the number of participants in the course is limited. It allows each of you, the participants, to approach, adjust and teach the proper execution of the technique.

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