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The e-learning platform is an e-learning environment for physiotherapists to support and improve the learning process. Webinar records are available on the e-learning platform, and we are currently working on a video library that will cover the following topics: kinesiology and biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system; functional anatomy, neurophysiology, muscle function and dysfunction in the context of myofascial chains; functional and structural pathologies. The video library also includes demonstrations of practical techniques (manual techniques, soft tissue techniques, muscle inhibition and facilitation techniques, exercises).

E-learning platform

There are currently 3 webinar entries available in the e-learning platform. The video library will be added soon.

Diaphragm and Deep spine stabilization system.

Joints blockades and trigger points – how does it correlates?

Myofascial chains – evaluation and use in therapy.

Mugurkaula lumbālās daļas biežākie sāpju iemesli. Diferenciāldiagnostika

Galvas un Kakla daļas sāpju iemesli. Diferenciāldiagnostika

Vestibulārā sistēma - novērtēšana un fizioterapijas iespējas

Sample from the course

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